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Nature writing is born out of love, respect, and awe. It finds its subject during days of close observation of the natural world. It finds its voice in the relationship with nature developed during those days.

Kenneth Rexroth, In the Sierra: Mountain Writings, New Directions 2012

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In This Garden

In this garden, there is a kind of needlessness. In measured, gentle, incremental growing, plants, trees and branches twine and strain their idiosyncratic way upwards and outwards from within the earth out into the air. Their colours and textures overlap to offer to the eye a spectrum of wild combinations: there on the oak tree, […]


The first sunflower of the season has opened. It’s one of many that will unfold and evolve into a canvas of yellow across the yard. Already, before the sun breaks over the trees, a honeybee walks its center in a circular, clockwise motion. Life is this simple, I think. There is harmony in this dance […]

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