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Mother places a monarch butterfly on her child's finger

Nature writing is born out of love, respect, and awe. It finds its subject during days of close observation of the natural world. It finds its voice in the relationship with nature developed during those days.

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  • Go Outside

    Ron Lizzi
    Readers discover nature's power to teach, inspire, and improve lives.
  • Danloria

    Gloria D. Gonsalves
    Danloria: The Secret Forest of Germania, by children's author Gloria D. Gonsalves, invites children to learn about the natural history of plants.  In a magical forest, a fern takes a young boy named Stan to meet many of the various kinds of plants found living close to his home. Although the book is designed to be read to young children, it teaches facts about plants that many adults will find interesting. Danloria opens the door to the wonderful world of plants and provides many pathways that parents can use to further explore plants with their children. To order a copy, visit Gloria's website at www.auntieglo.com.
  • Stone Desert

    Craig Childs
    A Naturalist's Exploration of Canyonlands National Park.
    Childs explores the vast desert wilderness of the American Southwest tracking down the mysteries of nature and human relationships  both past and present. His line drawings enhance the text.
  • North of Now

    W. D. Wetherell
    Wetherell writes novels and short stories in addition to nature writing. In North of Now he gives his feelings about what life and nature once were and what they are becoming.  You might compare Wetherell with Jerry Dennis or even Edward Hoagland, but he is unique. --submitted by Mike Disbrow
  • Sippewissett

    Tim Traver
     On the face of it this might seem like a book with a narrow scope, but it is anything but.  The book ranges out from Traver's beloved salt marsh to the entire world of nature and reflection.  I almost felt I was reading a modern-day Thoreau.  --Submitted by Mike Disbrow
  • Geology Underfoot in Yosemite National Park

    Allen F. Glazner & Greg M. Stock
    Yosemite National Park astounds visitors from all over the world. The official park geologist and his geology professor friend take readers on a geology tour of Yosemite. In an engaging, conversational style, they explain the science behind the amazing scenery.


  • Write Where Thoreau Wrote

    Introducing a new sanctuary where you can write your own novel, short story, poetry… or whatever magnum opus is in you! Write where Henry David Thoreau was born — “the birthplace of ideas” — and soak up the influential author’s literary vibe.

  • Ghost Bear Photography

    Nature images and articles from D. Simon Jackson

  • Practice Nature Writing in North Wales

    Literature Wales offers four courses in nature writing at their beautiful center in North Wales this spring, including haiku, fiction for young adults, and scriptwriting.

  • Nature as Art and Inspiration

    Mary Mageau's site of nature writing, art, and photography provides wonderful reading, viewing and inspiration for writers and artists.

  • NatureShare

    NatureShare social site for sharing nature observations and photos with friends using your mobile device or computer

  • The World Haiku Club

    An online nmagazine for haiku readers and writers from all over the world.

  • The World As Home

    a web site on nature writing sponsored by Milkweed Editions and supported by the Lila Wallace Readers Digest Fund. It links nature writing to eco-regions and gives reviews and excerpts of literary writing about the natural world.

  • Urban Nature Observations

    a blog about wildlife rescue and the world of nature in the city by Cordelia Naumann.

  • The Thoreau Reader

    a complete study site on the life, works, and influence of Henry David Thoreau. A wide range of materials provide inspiration for study of Thoreau and and for your own nature writing. Very helpful.

  • Sierra Club's John Muir Exhibit

    a biography, bibliography, and photo gallery of this classic nature writer. The site also includes a message board forum.

  • The Sigurd F. Olson Web Site

    A collection of writings by and about Sigurd Olson. An essay entitled "The Land Beyond the Rim: Sigurd Olson's Wilderness Theology" is an inspirational look at the beliefs that empowered his life and writing.

  • The Owl Nest-Box Cam

    A wonderful journal, in writing, photos and sound, of years of owl watching at the author's back yard owl nest box. Delightful.

  • Nature

    Official site of the BBC Television program.

  • Natural History Magazine

    online articles provide many good ideas for nature writing. Scientific information from these articles can be good starting points for reflective writing about your own local natural history.

  • National Outdoor Book Awards

    Sponsored by Idaho State University, this annual award honors the best in outdoor writing and publishing.

  • The Living Sea

    Writings from Florida by Lazaro Ruda. Beautiful photographs including amazing underwater night dolphin shots.

  • John Burroughs Association

    Information about the naturalist and a list of Burroughs Medal Award Books

  • Inspirational Sayings

    Inspirational community website, featuring inspirational sayings, famous quotes, motivational clips and posters and a community of like-minded individuals seking inspiration in daily life.

  • Hilton Pond Center for Piedmont Natural History

    a non-profit research & education organization in York, South Carolina USA. Directed by Bill Hilton Jr., aka "The Piedmont Naturalist." The site includes many articles.

  • The Haiku Society of America

    Promotes the reading and writing of haiku in English.

  • The Great Naturalists

    A lesson plan for teachers to use to help students explore the lives and discoveries of naturalists. It would be an excellent study guide for home school and independent learning.

  • The Blogspot of Henry David Thoreau

    A creative posting of quotations from Thoreau's Journals. The quotations parallel the current modern date. The reader is able to respond with observations about the postings.

  • Bird Watcher's Digest

    online articles from the popular magazine provide good models for your naturewriting.

  • Audubon

    the magazine of the National Audubon Society Audubon regularly contains new nature writing of the highest quality in each issue. I particularly enjoy Ted Williams and his Earth Almanac. Every issue contains good reading and many good ideas for writers.

  • Arctic Stories

    An elementary school project helping students from various Canadian areas learn about life in other areas. The project could be adapted easily to help students learn about the natural world.

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