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Nature writing is born out of love, respect, and awe. It finds its subject during days of close observation of the natural world. It finds its voice in the relationship with nature developed during those days.

Sigurd F. Olson, Sigurd F. Olson's Wilderness Days, Alfred A. Knopf, 1972 Photo by Paul Smith

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Suburban Journal 2: The Carrying of Sounds

On nice days, I take a walk with my sons along the subdivision trail running around our neighborhood. The trail meanders the periphery of what is suburban designed living space and the still undeveloped land surviving in pockets around the blocks. One part of the trail we often walk is up a steep hill that […]

A Walk Through the Park

It was one of those hot afternoons – the kind where the heat seems to cling to you like a blanket, covering you in your own sticky sweat. It was beautifully sunny though, and I found myself strolling along in the cool shade of the trees in the local park. The place was completely deserted […]

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