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Man looking across the Sound to Skye

Nature writing is born out of love, respect, and awe. It finds its subject during days of close observation of the natural world. It finds its voice in the relationship with nature developed during those days.

— Gavin Maxwell, Ring of Bright Water, 1960
Photo by Samuel Spicer

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Gravel Paths

I look out at a beautifully landscaped, skillfully crafted garden, manifestly the result of lengthy and careful planning, meticulous attention to detail and strenuous labour both of hand and machine. The product of this endeavour is splendid: broad avenues, winding gravel pathways, never with too uncomfortable an incline, imaginative playgrounds and (above all!) delicate teashops […]

The Carnival of Flowers

Toowoomba, one of Australia’s garden cities, is located west of Queensland’s capital city of Brisbane. A university and cathedral city, Toowoomba residents also enjoy its 150 spectacular parks and gardens. Situated high on the crest of the Great Dividing Range, with a cooler climate and rich volcanic soil, ‘Absolutely everything will grow here,’ say the […]

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