Shy Guy


I went back to that very same place

where the string lilies had been

lighting the open green space


Back to the bench of wood

where we had etched our names;

several weeks had passed, four maybe.


The blossoms, vanished entirely,

beauty too brilliant to last; but

this day, something else revealed itself


Amidst grasses, gray, beige and straw,

with teal colored head and pointy beak,

a Little Green Heron was patiently stalking


In shallow water on yellow legs;

like a statue, stood he,

exquisitely quiet


Then he crept,




--- in a flash

nabbed his prey!



We spent a fine half hour or so

observing this rare creature's ways,

til he became aware of us


And flew off, with outstretched neck,

across the great marsh, to

a more secluded section.


--By Karen Bressner