A Gift so Rare

As I walked along a wooded path I viewed a sight so rare
For there just ahead lay an egg. Its color was so fair
I thought, what kind of egg could this be just lying by the way
I carried it home and kept it warm for many and many a day

As the time just slipped away, I thought I heard a sound
I went to check from time to time, but no cracks could be found
So patiently I waited, then I began to pace the floor
That is when I heard a knock upon my front door

I opened up the door to see my friend from days of yore,
I told him why I was nervous and began to pace some more
When there it was that peculiar sound I looked and said my word
I picked up the shell and in my hand Sat a tiny baby bird

It flipped and flopped, and said chirp, chirp. Its mouth had opened wide
Wow I said it’s waiting for me to drop some food inside
My joy no longer could I keep for here was life so new
My friend I said here’s a gift from God And it is for you.
By Katie Lazette