A Lonely Cottage

A lonely cottage by the sea
Tucked in amongst the banks of a secluded cove
The endearing surf echoing the song of the mermaids
Calming the soul of Davy Jones buried in the sea bed
Granules of white sand alight upon the porch
Filtering through the cracks of the weather-beaten boards
An empty rocker teeters in cadence with the sway of the dune grass
The creak of the shutter shatters the calm with an eerie resonance
The broken windows quake to the drones of a zephyr
Gulls glide effortlessly in the whimsical breeze
Allowing the thermals to loft them to the Atlantic clouds
The lighthouse adistant maintains its constant vigil
Its steadfast pose provides solace to the surrounding inhabitants
Masts from vessels afloat pierce the azure skies
Only to be lost to the rolls of the eternal whitecaps
Evening approaches o’er the tempest of the sea
The roof of the cottage draws the last rays of sunset
The veil of darkness is nigh, the sea cannot be silenced
A watchful eye cast its beacon on the walls of the abode
Another day lost, off to a distant shore from whence it came
By James Betts