A Lovely Tree

My dear friends you shall see
All the beauty of a tree
With mighty branches reaching out
From trunk so sturdy and so stout

In summer dress of leaves of green
It is a beauty to be seen
It’s home to creatures great and small
Room enough to care for all

When autumn comes it’s leaves turn gold
Another beauty to behold
Some of earth’s riches are you see
Truly in the lovely tree

When winter comes it sheds its dress
Ready for a little rest
‘Till spring comes ’round her work to do
With gentle rain and dew drops too

Now spring is here and buds pop out
Everywhere a brand new sprout
Which blossoms out in full array
For shade and beauty everyday

Yes dear friends ’tis plain to see
All the beauty of a tree
For birds and bees and creatures too
And gentle folk like me and you

Only God can make a tree
In all its beauty perfectly
It grows each day beyond compare
It’s beauty seen from everywhere
By Katie Lazette


Copyright – Katie Lazette 9-12-1988