A Note About Nature Workers

by Mary Clista Dahl

Mother Nature has an indomitable workforce.  There are so many who look out for her well being, understand her need for nurturing and feel vocationally compelled to serve her.  Some do this hands-on like the farmers who tend the fields or volunteers who rescue wildlife.  Others do it in a roundabout way like the accountant at the department of the interior or the environmental policy makers. But all are on the same page of a very important story, The Life of Mother Nature.

There aren’t many causes that encompass such a large number of occupations and a motley crew of personalities.  Mother Nature is an equal opportunity employer.  Both the right and left brained are needed to keep her in balance.  It is an unlikely camaraderie.  From academically gifted scientists who are able to unravel her microscopic mysteries, to biologists who understand habitats and ecosystems and animal species, to conservationists and advocates who present their findings to inform the public and advise leaders; all are necessary to sustain her.

Professors and teachers mentor the curious and pass on the skills and enthusiasm to the next green generation.  Photographers and artists capture her beauty to bring her indoors.  And writers describe the experience of immersing oneself in her for those who are unable to do so.  Foragers use keen senses of vision, scent, touch and taste to identify plants for their edible and medicinal value. And rangers and guides spark career visions by introducing new members to the nature fan club daily while protecting our parks.  There are so many more that contribute, all significant.

Many of the nature-based occupations don’t offer lucrative salaries.  Inasmuch as so many people work together to help her, most don’t do it for the money. The rewards fill in the gaps left by payroll.  Each individual understands his or her role. Yet the act of working together globally, communicating, exploring and sharing, point to the same end result:  keeping Mother Nature alive and well.  Different-minded in background, like-minded in mission. It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a world to protect a mother.

Those who devote their careers to Mother Nature understand the deep connection between her and their billions of human customers.  They take pride in showing others her glory and would like her to live a long, prosperous life. They know that when Mom is at her best she produces stunning landscapes, glorious sunsets, daily miracles and a free awe-inspiring world for all to enjoy.  And you don’t even have to be an employee to reap the benefits.