A Winter Morning Sequence

Morning is coming
the ‘Thank You’ birds sing,
what the new day will bring.

Black Crows start caa-ing
a harsh wake-up call
and Pee-wees awake
peeping ‘Morning’ to all.

Night sky is paling
and somewhere around
Wood Pigeons’ coo-ing
waken Quail on the ground.

Cockatoos’ shriekings
compete with the crows –
Dawn’s chorus deepens
as visibility grows.

Now the sky lightens,
a soft pearly hue,
sharp frosty sunlight
begins filtering through.

Time for the divas
to join in the fray
as the Bower Bird
shares his oral display.

A Butcher Bird’s call
with tone sweet and true,
blithely reminds us
the day’s no longer new.

There’s no sleeping in
at our small abode
for nature dictates,
we just follow her code.
By Frances McKay


Copyright © – Frances Mackay 2004