Afternoon Delight

Your deceptive
pre-historic, gawky semblance and
elastic scoop of a beak
make me smile.
I watch you
great fisher-bird, pajaro-pescador
skimming the sea swells
in companionable single file
alert to signs of a catch below.

When your line rises
you break away and
head down, intent,
slice into the water
to then reappear
pouch and long neck bulging
gulping, chin on chest
navigating your vessel with
its briny cargo.

Pelican, there are a few things I’d like to know:
Why do you all wing in one direction along the coast?
How do you know what’s in the water below?
And did you see me lying
there in the sand that day
watching your grand flock soaring inland
not in one direction
but crisscrossing in the blue
weaving and turning
in a wondrous pelican pattern?

By Suzanne Adam