Beach Memories

by Mallery Ann MacPhee

“Time to go back to the house girls!” My mom shouted to my sister and me. Of course, she had to tell us about five more times before we decided to give in. The summer of 1995 was the summer that made me realize that the beach was my favorite place on earth. I was seven years old and had never felt more at home. Everything about spending my days basking in the sun, playing in the sand, and swimming in the ocean made me the happiest child on earth. To this day, I will not go a year without spending my annual week at the Jersey Shore.

The calming wind and burning sun are enough to make me never want to leave. I have come to believe that the beach is quite possibly the most peaceful place on earth. The noises and smells create a sensual feeling that is indescribable. Whether the beach is crowded or not, it always provides a great time. The beach allows you to forget about all your worries and relax for a day. It’s an escape, if only for a little while.

I believe the beach to be most peaceful at dawn. I have always loved to sit and just watch the waves come tumbling in to shore with the sun beginning to rise at the horizon. The only noise that can be heard for miles is the crashing of waves and the sporadic chirping of birds. Walking along the water, I can feel the wet sand oozing between my toes. It is cold but not unbearable. In the morning the sand is not yet hot, therefore there is no need to run to your beach chair. There is a cool and calming breeze that comes every so often leaving chills up my spine. It is in these moments that I truly appreciate the nature that is surrounding me.

Further on in the day, there are people for miles. Children are running around and playing in the hot sand. Building sandcastles is a must and I always love to see what different children will create. Everyone around seems to be happy and not thinking about anything but being with their family and friends. One of my personal favorite sites is families spending time with one another and bonding in ways they usually don’t have the time to do. The beach is somewhere to catch up with family and friends and get to know each other again. Some of my best family memories are my summers at the beach with my Mom, Dad, and sister.

In the cold winter nights I try to imagine myself sitting on a beach chair and enjoying a day in the sun. It always seems to put a smile on my face! The next time you need a getaway, the beach should be your destination. Take pleasure in a day in the sun with friends and family. Give yourself some time to listen, smell, and see the nature around you–it’s simply beautiful! If you have never spent time at the beach, I highly recommend doing so. You will not regret it!