Beautiful Hyde Park, in London

I followed the walkway
to see where it lead,
Creations of nature,
flowers lined up ahead.

The earth appears open
to life on the ground,
Coots in blue waters,
relaxed by the sound.

Nature in its beauty
proves to be serene,
The sound of the fountains
and trees tall and green.

The daytime is lovely,
swans adorn Hyde park,
The scene paints a view
of a London landmark.

Kensington gardens,
Royal land to the west,
The Elfin Oak tree stump,
is known as the best.

Carved, painted bark,
a gnome holding berries,
A book has been written
of elves and moon fairies.

The land is in motion,
beautiful to the eyes,
God created the earth
in the distance of skies.

© Shelley W. Williams -2016
Pink-flowered trees line a path in Hyde Park

Photo by Rui Vale De Sousa

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