I am the cerulean grandchild of Copper and Cobalt,
refined and revered
fractured, fragmented
drifting, tangled bloated wood, longing to be like sea glass
after the waves have crested and the tide has turned.

I dwell in the forlorn notes of song, born from hardship and servitude,
in the rocky and rugged earth.

I am the incandescence,
whose capricious nature
is eclipsed by the ardor of red
as we two, bring warmth when gently tendered
on cold, winter nights.

When angered by the tortured,
blowing of the wind,
on my hot and blistered back
I am an inferno of destruction, black smoke in night air
as the fire that destroys a forest
begins with a single flame.

I am the conqueror of the kingdom
bordered only by the clouds.
My resolve has driven away all three of my foes,
like the point of a sword, whose fatal pierce destroys
the dark, the dreary, the gloom.

I am worshiped and prayed to,
begged for and cursed
my full and bloated womb gives birth
as my water quickly breaks
forcefully and with relief,
delivering wetness to a dry and cracked earth,
as praise turns quickly to vituperation.

For even the storm that destroys the crops,
begins with a single drop of rain.
I am the contrary presence of pain and pleasure,
in sensation and sound,
the desired and the unwelcome.
By Cindy Glenn