Bubble Dancers

Read to “Fur Elise”,  Mozart


Iridescent and beautiful
is the flotilla of grace,
fragile offspring of the sea!
Mothered by the surf
and fathered by the wind,
conceived within the instant,
they are cast from a passionate union,
thrown headlong
into the exhilarating dance of a lifetime.
Across the saturated sands they fly,
their fragile chemistries at once
enabling and condemning,
for their unfettered whirls
across the narrow beaches
find imminent conclusions
when the whimsical spheres are spent
in instances as brief
as those which birthed them.
The circumstances of their demise
arrive so suddenly and
so completely
as to make a case
for their fleeting moment
of dance upon the beach
having been rather epic
after all.
We humans, it seems,
have entirely too much in common
with these bubble dancers . . .
. . . Mothered by a restless ocean
fathered by a careless breeze
they shall never know devotion
they shall never seek to please;
lightly go the bubble dancers
swept across a sandy floor,
dancing to their muted music,
suddenly, to be, no more.

By Duane Huddleston