I saw a lovely
butterfly with it’s wings aflutter

It’s color was black dots, on a background of butter
It landed on a vibrant rose and exercised it’s wings
Reminding me of summer days and other happy things,

I sat and watched it for a while as it fluttered up to the sky
I never really noticed, just how high a butterfly could fly,
But it really doesn’t matter, for they are beautiful to see,
Whether on a pretty rose, a pansy or sweet pea

Butterflies are gentle and they land where ere they please
And just enjoy the sunny days and gentle blowing breeze,
I’ve never seen a butterfly when the weather’s cold and dreary
Only on a sunny day that’s bright and oh so cheery,

So plant a lovely garden, a place for butterflies to fly,
They will grow in number as the many years pass by,
These gentle lovely creatures live on flowers from the sod,
They’re just one of the beautiful gifts we received from God.
By Katie Lazette