Colors of the World

by Jennifer Brock

I begin my slow ascent up to the top of the hill. I have no sense of where I am really going I am just walking through a heavily wooded area, but I walk with an open mind hoping I will see something that I have never seen before. I walk climbing over dead logs, around bushes and all I can hear is the crunching sound of leaves and pines needles under my feet. They sound almost as if someone is talking a plastic bag and smashing it together and pulling it apart over and over again. I yearn to see the blue skies that I know and love, but instead they are covered by green, green, and more green. I know that somewhere above the trees are the clouds and blue skies and I pretend that I know where they are. I begin to get tired and decide to sit on a dead log to rest and see what I may find.

Hiker sitting on tree trunkSitting down alone in the quiet woods I hear even more crunching and I know it’s not from my feet. My heart begins to race, I panic, and I think that it maybe something that is going to hurt me. While my heart says that I should run as fast as I can and get away from whatever is coming my way. My mind says no stay and sees what it is maybe it won’t even notice that you are sitting here and it will just pass you by. So I decide to listen to my mind and I sit as quiet as possible hoping that this noise will get close enough for me to see what it is. A deer as big as zebra comes walking through looking for something to eat. It stops, I think it sees me, but no it has found something to eat and it begins grazing. As I watch I think about a time when I was at a petting zoo and I was feeding the animals, and they all seemed so eager to be by me to eat. I wish that I could get close enough to feed this deer, but I dare not move knowing that if I move so much as a muscle it will scare him off and this wonderful sight will be lost. He continues on only staying for a few minutes until something scares him off and he leaves. I decide that is my cue to continue on my journey to the top.

I continue walking and all I see are the greens like you would see only in dreams. Bright colors of green so beautiful that I wish I could take them home forever. The colors move me to think about rainbows and how they always seem to come after a heavy rainstorm to make everything happy again. Drip, drip, drip I feel something on my head I’m hoping its just water and nothing something unpleasant that would ruin the rest of my nice long walk. Its only water and even though I can not see the sky I know that it has begun to rain, and I begin to walk fast hoping that I can reach the top before the rainstorm is over. As I walk I can see things that give me little glimpses of hope that I am reaching the top, and then all of a sudden here I am at the top and the rain is almost over. I begin to look for a spot to sit to watch the end of the storm hoping that there will be a bright rainbow at the end of this storm.

As I am sitting and the storm stops, out come creatures that have been hidden from the storm. They slowly come up to the lake that is in front of me and begin to lap up the water. I decide that where I am sitting is a nice place to lie down and look at the sky especially since I have just finished this long hike up this hill. I find the rainbow that I have long to see since I realized that it had started to rain. I close my eyes and I can see the colors even brighter then they really are. Red turns into orange which turns into yellow and goes on and on. Red like that of roses that have just bloomed, orange like a carrot that has yet to be cleaned, yellow as bright as the shiny sun. Green like of fields filled with clovers, blue like that of an ocean that when you look down you can see all the way to the bottom, and purple one of my favorite colors that looks as if someone took gallons and gallons of grape juice and poured it in the sky. Birds begin to sing their happy songs that usually come in early morning or after heavy storms. The melodies that they are singing sound like some kind of lullaby that you would sing to a baby as you try to get them to sleep, almost like something that I once heard when I was an infant. I see birds flying this way and that until one come so close that I can see every feather. It lands on my leg and just sits there and I swear that it is talking to me, but all of a sudden I hear a loud crash.

My eyes shoot open and the rainbow is gone the sky is getting darker, and I realize that I had fallen asleep and it is now time to start my descent. The bird that I believed was talking to me was just a dream. My eventful day is coming to an end and all I have left to see are the same green skies and brown grounds. And I am gone from the open field where it seemed like anything was possible. Even little birds talking to me and grape juice spilled in the sky. On my way down I think about everything that I have seen today and I think about many other adventures that I will have that will be filled with bright colors and beautiful melody.

Greens seem to change to black and I realize that I need to start walking faster if I want to make it back to my cabin before nightfall so that I can sit on the porch in hopes of hearing nighttime sounds. I make it as I hear the sounds of the first coyote in the distance on his way up to the exact location I spent most of my day.