Dear Tree,

Like a gust of wind I feel your leaves at my ribs.
You stay with me all day
like the finest blanket anyone can ever buy.

You tell me I’m strong.
You tell me how much you want me to do good tomorrow.
The moon being your closest friend
seeps through me like the warmest butter,
stabilizing my nerves.
I feel my hands grow out
like Ironman becoming strong.
You feed me my powers
whenever I sit still.

The edges of the earth hold my head and shoulders
on days I can’t, my mind free to understand.
Stay you, the wind tells me.

With a force I feel stronger the more I sit still.
You have arrived at peace, it tells me.

Stay where you are.
You are free.

Today’s sun kisses my heart softly
as it rests it’s head
and says goodnight.

By Daniela Naomi Bautista

tree branches silhouetted by sun

Traveling, hiking, and writing outside make Daniela happy. She is in the process of writing a book which will be, like her poems, short and sweet.

Photo by the author

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