It is not within columns
That divinity presides
But in open air
That reaches the skies

Nature’s music
Is the divine spirit at play
Nature’s playground
Is our cathedral

Hushing your heart
Bidding all your senses still
Within this cradle
Is prayer

Nothing is small
In the divine eye
A dragonfly is of greater value
That a palace reaching high

Divinity presides not
In the purple shadows
Cast by columns upon the earth
It is not set in stone

Centuries later
It is not a structure
Bearing the divine
Precious fruit

It cannot be weathered to dust, to ruins
It is everlasting, residing within
Manifested in each of us
It is our heartsong

Placing our faith in pillars
Changes our heart’s tone
When we disconnect from our song
And place our faith in a mason’s stone

We disconnect
From nature
And all things holy
By Lynne Guay

–M.M. Lynne Guay © 2012