Dream Bigger

by Samuel Malley

boy walking on a path in the dark woods into bright sunshineOn clear and kind days, I would often go for a walk into the forest sanctuary near my house. Submerging myself in a world that is both filled with unimaginable beauty and wonder and fraught with a hint of danger. The only way to experience this world is to fully immerse yourself, listening out for a sound of a bird calling, echoing through the wilderness. On one occasion a deer call did just that; bouncing off ancient trees, it could be heard from a great distance, as if nature itself was trying to communicate through a long forgotten connection that once was. To me, this time of isolation in the undergrowth brought clearer thoughts that I would’ve never had if I was surrounded by brick structures and sounds of car horns. Nature gives you a sense of appreciation, filling you with an immense wonder of what surrounds you. Not many young dreamers these days would say they would like to be a naturalist or an explorer. That is sad, because there is so much more to explore and experience. We need to dream bigger.

Photo by Angela Waye

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