Touched by the Spirit of Life

No matter how small, nature is everywhere, and no matter how large, nature can always find a special corner in our hearts. The prevailing concept of nature is vast acres of untouched, Earth-made land that stretches beyond the horizon’s end. Yet, we often overlook the smallest, yet most apparent essences that create the natural world […]

Mount Katahdin

The Challenge The long, wide white blanket stretches as far as my eyes can see, covering the flatland below with snow that appears to be better than two feet deep. On first clear sight, the intense whiteness gleaming off the valley and the mountain burns my eyes. I put on eye-black and sunglasses and see […]

The Empirical River

The window above my kitchen sink faces the street. On summer evenings, as I am washing dishes after dinner, I watch people from the neighbourhood walk toward the river. The public beach at the end of the road is not large, but it is beautiful. The shoreline faces a pristine wilderness on the opposite bank, […]

On Learning the Language of Stone

Pulitzer Prize winning author, Annie Dillard, wrote a small book of essays entitled Teaching a Stone to Talk. In the title piece she writes about a man, living in the Pacific Northwest, who is attempting to teach a stone, a simple rock, to talk. Sounds crazy, right? Not necessarily. You see, stones do talk. Yes, […]

Valley Forge

The wind bit hard at Valley Forge one Christmas. Soldiers tied rags on their feet. Red footprints wrote on the snow. –Carl Sandburg, ‘Washington Monument by Night’ June is a beautiful time of the year in southeast Pennsylvania, although I readily acknowledge this region does not hold a patent on that distinction. But by June […]