Night Light

It was nearing sunset and we still hadn’t made camp. Standing on a dusty hill overlooking the valley below and the mountains in the distance, the farthest of which formed a neat little indent into the orange-pink sky, with a stream of water behind us filling up our water bottles, we prepared to settle down […]

The Lost Seagull

I was driving home from work one night, going through the Fort Worth stockyards. Driving on the brick streets, I felt the familiar rattle of the tires bouncing over every brick. As I went past the stockyards and was about to make a left-hand turn, I stopped at a red light and looked at the […]

A Mardi Gras of Edible Flowers

One of my most indelible sensory memories has been the taste of homemade lavender ice cream. It was twenty years ago but I still can remember the delicate flavor of the flower mixed in the cold, smooth, sweet cream. The single scoop of ice cream had an ever so slight tinge of a lavender hue […]

Perfectly Natural Moments

This is not the June-like April of last year, with temperatures in the 70s and windows open at night to let in the sound of the spring peepers.  This is the April we’re accustomed to here in New England – that blend of blustery winds and cloudless sunny skies, where winter and spring are still […]

The Sound of Snow

There once was the sound of snow. I first heard it at my aunt and uncle’s cabin in the Big Bear mountains, a place our family gathered for winter holidays. The old shake-wood cabin was painted forest green and snuggled against the hill side. A series of stair-steps lead to the front door. There was […]