Sweet and Sour

I slapped at a nagging mosquito. Mozzies? In broad daylight? “This is just ridiculous,” I muttered. “Well,” Frank said, consulting the compass again, “I think it’s to the south.” Zacarias shook his head. “No, no, to the southeast.” In truth, we were mystified. How was it possible a lake we’d visited during a giant otter […]

A Walk on the Oxfordshire Ridgeway

Today I took a walk up to my favourite spot on the Ridgeway. It’s been a little while since I have been there, and I wanted to see how it had changed, what magic nature had worked, how it would feel like a different place since I last saw it, overcast and grey and covered […]

Lessons in the Wind

Out the window, a bright-burning circle of sun cut into a cobalt sky. The dogs seem to notice, too. They smash their noses against the sliding-glass door eager for their daily romp. The day is cool with a slight breeze, so off we go into the fields. We walk too far, stay too long and […]

For The Sake of Pines

I have always loved pine trees. Ever since I was a child, the sight of pines has been a constant presence in my neighborhood, their evanescent green constant through the changing seasons. In my area of Oklahoma, pine trees are not a native species, but my family’s next door neighbor planted pine saplings over fifty […]