Forest Mingled with Stars

As I was walking in the forest I saw a little deer
It seemed to be a bit wobbly, then I saw it’s mother near
It wobbled over to where she stood, to get a little milk
The skin of the deer looked wrinkled but as fine as silk

Then I saw some rabbits just hopping around for greens
Now and then they would leap, they were playing it seems
Then there were little birds that sang so very sweet
Other birds joined in with their little tweet tweet tweet

Then I sat beneath a tree it was a large old Oak
I rested back against the bark, just then a frog did croak
I raised my eyes and looked to see all the twinkling stars
That was when I noticed, Venus, Jupiter and Mars

I unrolled my sleeping bag and decided to spend the night
I knew I could sleep so well, with all the stars in flight
So much beauty one can behold in all of nature’s charms
I felt that I was resting well, within God’s open arms


Copyright – Katie Lazette 12/29/06