Four Brown Dogs

They were four brown dogs — lazing
in a sand pit under shady trees;
they scared my dog.

They loitered in sun, cooled
under tin sheds —
freed from every bond.

I had never seen them before. Frolicking
or fighting, they moved together. Perhaps,
to one brood they belonged.

Large and burly — they held
their ground, chasing away all pets,
pure breed or hound.

But, they jumped at every noise, barked
for no cause and slept on streets
like the dead.

Blending perfectly in these surroundings,
they occasionally looked sad. Did they
remember their street? Or miss a collar or tag?

My dog is happy — we don’t see them any more.
Must have receded in background
like derelict hopes.
By Uma Asopa

Copyright © – Dr Uma Asopa 2005