Freedom of the Wilderness

by David 'Skip' Siesel

There is something about a desert rain when it comes down light, gently hitting the soft sand. I watch it as a cloud passes over and the sun sinks closer to the crest of the mountain. I stare at the prickly pear, then the sage, then the juniper. These plants have all adapted to living in this climate, as have I. I have spent more time covered by a sleeping bag, outside on the ground, than I have spent on a mattress under a roof by far. It has seasoned me and I’ve grown to become so much a part of it that I sometimes wonder if I won’t be able to readjust to things back home. I embrace and enjoy the feeling of calling the natural world home for a while. No walls, no ceiling, nothing to confine me. I spend nights staring into the starry endless sky, and feeling the openness that surrounds me, yet doesn’t encroach on me. It invites me to be in its presence and I take it all in.
What causes man to confine himself? Are there not enough comforts to satisfy the human soul within the natural world? Man spends so much time taking away his freedoms as he works so hard to become a slave to society, yet freedom takes no effort at all to find so long as you have the desire to seek it out. Days are too short and pass too quickly to be spent shackled by the struggles of a civilized lifestyle. You have had the key all along. Take it in your hand and turn yourself loose. Let the shackles fall to the floor, never to contain the human hand again. Take to the wilderness! Find yourself among the lands of no enclosure. Places of beauty have been preserved for you and I to share. The door remains open to each and every one, and there is room for all.