God’s Beautiful Earth

Butterflies and Lady Bugs and Mocking Birds in trees
These are gentle creatures that God put here to please,
So treasure little butterflies and tiny lady bugs too
Listen as the mocking bird sings happily for you.

All the creepy crawlers and tiny insects too
Have a purpose to be here, they have a job to do
We do not know just why, they live here on the sod
Their work is supervised by, the gentle hand of God,

Gentleness and love, are great blessings we can share
With family, friends, and neighbors, show them that we care,
Watch the birds and butterflies, flowers and bumble bees
And sit beneath a large oak tree, in the summer breeze,

For this is such a pleasant way to spend an hour or two,
Looking at God’s nature under a sky so blue,
Squirrels, lying on their tummy, high up in the tree
These are just a few of the best things that are free.
By Katie Lazette