Green Hermits

There are days when all you want to do
is look at trees, expecting them to answer
your questions. They seem to know all.
Anchored to earth they talk to winds,
listen to sky, and watch the sunrise.
They can’t fly but rainbows
make them wonder.

Squirrels crawl all over them, owls pry
on their secrets, wood-peckers peck
at their heart – and crows defile their silence.
Letting leaves fall or come anew, they stand
naked or dress with the season. You see
their beauty, feel their desirability —
no one knows of their desire.

Afternoons clothe them in lemon glow,
evenings in dusky blue. They wear night
as a ghostly gown, but strip to a green essence
at dawn. Every day means for them a new truth,
a new lie. Somewhere between the earth and sky
they search life. Stationary hermits since ages,
they are learning their own truths.
By Uma Asopa

Copyright © Dr. Uma Asopa 2006