Milky Way –
chanting newborn stars
my whole world

summer wheat –
canopy full of dust
my sneezing

spring apogee –
boat on the lake
weight of moon

autumn leaves –
first and last penetration
of the morning wind

deserted lake –
in the shade of supermoon
my whisper at last

snail’s traces –
rambling calligraphy
on a blade of grass

a fragrance of pine –
our true summer poetry
for slowly awakening

on the creek
with ash from bamboo
washing my clothes

summer work –
unwinding the old hammocks
in the backyard

beauty of port –
cranes for supermoon
drowned in the sea

Isoshimu – (Japanese = working devotedly with joy and plesure)
touching each port’s crane
with stars

harsh autumn –
slenderness of each birch
with father’s cancer

toilet kettle –
I quickly stream water
like a murmur of brook

By Goran Gatalica

Goran Gatalica (Virovitica, Croatia, 1982.) graduated physics and chemistry at the Faculty of Science in Zagreb, after which he entered the doctoral study He publish poetry, haiku and prose in literary magazines, journals and anthologies. He publishes haiku in such world journals as: World Haiku Review, A Hundred Gourds, Chrisanthemum, Failed Haiku, Wednesday Haiku, Brass Bell. He won several awards for poetry and haiku in Croatia and abroad. He is member of the Croatian Writers’ Association.

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