Haiku Collection

The steps lead upwards
through trees and shrubs
I can’t see beyond



Sun sets over the
Sky intoxicates like wine



The yellow balloon
lands softly in a field of
sunflowers, joining them



I long to see a
Painted bunting; looks like he
bathed in a rainbow



In the spring garden,
brown bench is perfect spot for
sitting; no one does



Six white petals each
Appeared out of nowhere



View of mountains; tent
pitched, camping in
Oh-Be-Joyful Valley



Purple-black starry sky,
dark silhouettes of trees
Comet flashes by



After the snow storm,
trees appear dipped
in cake-like icing



Snowy Egret
The snowy egret
looks like he’s having
a bad hair day



A lightning bolt strikes
through the reddish purple
sunset sky



At the edge of a cliff,
two birds touch beaks



Dusky blue, muted
green; foggy dawn
at Reflection Lake

By Karen Bressner