Eleven Haiku

Water and oysters
transform massive mountains
into tiny pearls.

Hunter on a stump
Betrayed by a squirrel

Their loud laughter shows
existence is humorous
to ducks and to crows.

Blueberry bushes,
bowing in the mountain rain,
narrow the pathway.

How far did you fall?
To where, beauty, have you flown?
Feather on the ground.

Trees straining against wind.
Horizontal falling rain.
Dog sleeps under porch.

On gray pond, the rain
dances high as a duck’s back,
no wind making waves.

Small breeze scattering
moon pieces across the lake.
Sleepy sailboats smile.

Midnight passenger train
snores through town, shaking
apple blossoms down.

Autumn red rose hips
recall forgotten blossoms’
delicate pink perfume.

No fish in this pond.
Great blue heron stands so still.
Now his mind is free.
By Beth Weber