I Shall Stand Upon the Mountain

It is now full circle again — it is Autumn.
It is not only that trees change their colour.
Streams gush and gurgle rich with lush life
The last gasp of energy that was Summer.

The great forest rings with the chatter of birdsong
Moss covered stones bear their latest layer of fur.
While down, deep down in the valley the dappled undergrowth
Feels the onset of rain lifting into the mist of morning.

These are the times when I go forth to tread the paths
To follow the winding bush trails as they wend their way
High beyond the base levels, the floor of our existence
While with singing heart I turn towards the mountains.

Mine is no heroic measure mapped out with ropes and irons
The trail I follow is well trodden, the ascent quite gentle
But still I feel the joy, the thrust that takes me ever upwards
To breathe the splendour, the vaulted sweep of wonder
Unbounded horizons that stretch beyond the sun.

Now my heart beat is tempered by layered clouds
That stretch before me spanned like ribbons in the distance
As I stand upon the mountain swept up by the magic
The golden glory feeding this monument of bright existence
This cradle of dreams that spans the river of the sky.
By John Hall

Copyright – John Hall 15/3/05