Taking a look
at an Inuk-Shuk,
we enter an
Inuit art shop
Along old Vancouver’s
waterfront and
are drawn almost immediately to a compelling greenish stone figure
replicating an Inuk-Shuk, a sort of arctic scarecrow image of a
man built of long legs balancing
a pelvis and on top of that a chest
holding shoulders which support a
great stone head, all of this placed above a cache of seal meat to scare
away hungry bears and wolves who then circle aimlessly on snow and ice.

This little                                  Inuk-Shuk
in the                                       shop has
such verve                                  as to instill
in me memories                              of flying
across the                                   Canadian
arctic coast                                 and wondering
what in                                      the world
could be                                     down there.

By Richard F. Fleck