Winter Walk

I tugged my second mitten up onto my hand, and checked that the knitted fabric of my hat was warming my head to its fullest extent. I was intending to start my walk off immediately, giving the relentless cold of the Maine air no extra chances at seeping in and chilling my stationary body. However, […]

It is Solved By Walking

…the Wander Society, an anonymous organization of writers, philosophers, and general people who find walking as humble as it is noble. This tradition has been in existence for over a hundred years; though I’ve recently been introduced to it. This art form of meditation and rejuvenation is beneficial for myriad reasons, including stress relief and inspiration. Since moving to Seattle, it’s been my primary source of transportation.

The Tip of This Floweret

Mornings are magic here. The whinny of a screech owl, the vibrations of bullfrogs. The garrulous squawk of the blue heron mingling with the wind chimes at the screen door. The song of my wood thrush (mine, you see) and twitters of other songbirds waking into the day. The sun hasn’t come over the ridge […]