Nature Perseveres at Akron Falls Park

Sunday starts spectacular. A sixty degree spring day with an invitation from a good friend are enough to coax me out of my fair weather nature lover hibernation, back into the warmth and outdoors that I love. It’s been months. Our destination is Akron Falls Park in Western New York for some hiking. This was […]

A Sierra Night Remembered

The thin, orange thread of twilight cracked through the darkness. On the lake shore, hippie boys with sand-dusted feet, played conga drums; their hands slapped the drum-skin, and the short, sharp percussion sang into my bones. A campfire glowed, its fire illuminating dark-shadows that danced in the warm night. We threw off our clothes, ran […]

The Sunflower Way

Whenever the yen for discovery returns, it is time to be off again on a road trip. Not for us—the freeways with their endless lines of speeding traffic and sterile scenery. By choosing to explore an unfamiliar back road or byway, delightful and unexpected surprises often result. The Queensland road between Warwick and Toowoomba is […]

Easter Morning Worship

Mist hangs at heart level in the field beyond the stone wall, just out of reach of the sun’s angled rays. The melody of a childhood hymn blends with the song of a white-throated sparrow on this still Sunday morning. One bird on this very tree. Why here? Surely not for me. Singing mightily for […]