Easter Morning Worship

Mist hangs at heart level in the field beyond the stone wall, just out of reach of the sun’s angled rays. The melody of a childhood hymn blends with the song of a white-throated sparrow on this still Sunday morning. One bird on this very tree. Why here? Surely not for me. Singing mightily for […]

All Shall Be Well

The raucous bark of a great blue heron echoes by the pond. Night is falling as he hunts a final bedtime snack. An unwary frog, a slithering snake, either treat would settle his belly for a good night’s sleep. Suddenly the heron snares an unsuspecting fish. I know what is about to happen, yet I […]

Nature’s Flowing Force

Pine needles crunch under my sneakers as I make my way up the steep slope. Their fresh earthy scent strengthens as I go deeper and deeper into the woods. It’s hard to maintain balance as we go further off the trail; rough tree bark aids me in preventing myself from toppling over. Beads of sweat […]

A Rewarding Escape

My footsteps are silent as I walk along the trail, softened by the damp leaves after the previous night’s rain. Like a creative child, leaves paint the ground with bright colors, scattered colors, no structure. Like a watchful mother, tall trees with thin trunks align the sides and arch over the trail, forming a roof […]