Winter Music

When the air is still and snowflakes fall straight-line to the earth, there is no sound. No crackle of brown oak leaves still clinging to stems in February. No conversation between greater limbs rubbing elbows in the woods, grousing of the wily winds amongst themselves. Even the birds are quiet today. I see silent winter […]

Suburban Journal: The Dead Bird

We had just arrived home from Oklahoma after visiting my parents for the weekend. As we got ready for the new work week, my thoughts went back to the visit and seeing my grandma for what might have been the last time. She was living in the nursing home near my parents’ house, was 90 […]

Wind Memories

Before I moved here, I never really noticed the wind. When I was younger and living in Oklahoma, I only noticed the wind on cold days; most of the time it seemed calm in my memory. But here in the Fort Worth subdivision, the wind blows constantly. Whether warm or cold, I notice the wind […]