Killing Two Birds

should have
been birds
in this life.
should have never
been earthbound
but part of
the setting
the perfect
rush of water
over stone
the tall defiance
of a forest
in the north
the width of the bay
the call of the foghorn
that lifts the mystery
from the grey

should have
been birds
those two
their heads
in the winds
and their eyes
to the heavens
barely a need
for the ground
and they say

in their jaded
and road-worn
way no true miles
to speak of
they say
that they were not
meant to be
here on this earth
not in this way…
they should
have been

By Lisa Sellge


Writer, photographer, and teacher of classical ballet, Lisa has published in Spark Brite, Prickly Pear, Saddleback Magazine and New Dawn and is currently working towards an MFA in Creative Nonfiction at University of Anchorage, Alaska. Lisa’s photography page is Photo by the author

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