Last Sunday in Minnesota

by David 'Skip' Siesel

I sit in my tent moments after the storm has passed. It came and went quickly but with much ferocity. Calm now is the breeze that blows through camp and carries the waves gently across the water, tossing them carelessly into the rocks below.
Weather is much like a mix of emotions; sometimes raw, sometimes unpredictable, and sometimes deceiving. Weather is different in separate regions throughout the world much like emotions are in separate lives. Some regions stay sunny and dry for long periods of time, holding back that rainfall and then releasing it immensely at once. Other climates stay gloomy for the majority of the year. Some are very unpredictable and change from day to day, and season to season.
I feel as though I am much like the desert. I stay sunny most times, however I go into periods of heavy rain and unpredictable short pop up storms. I am rough and harsh in appearance, but if truly sought through, one can find the beauty that lies within me so long as that person can get past my thorns and rainy seasons. I am an acquired taste more or less, that can only be appreciated by truly spending time in my climate and experiencing all my seasons and weather patterns.
Everyone camped here has their own weather pattern and seasons within the course of their years on this earth. It’s what makes up our individuality and makes each one of us unique in his or her own special way. There is a beauty in every region. Some are more welcoming and appealing than others, however with enough time spent in each of those regions, one will learn to love and appreciate them for what they truly are. The personalities among this group vary in wide array, but each one of us brings something unique to the table. Regions can and do change as years go past, just as new experiences change our lives. All of these regions can exist coincided in one country as does all of our personalities exist in one group.
It is interesting to watch the wind carry our emotions like a wind swirling a leaf up and down like a roller coaster in our time spent together here. Eventually that leaf is sent either spiraling fast toward the ground, hitting hard like a nut falling from a tree, or it is carried soft and gently like the seed of a cottonwood, and piled up amongst other debris. This is similar to how are emotions, whether good or bad are all piled up together. Eventually this pile decomposes and is forgotten about, yet some few remains are still seen and remembered.
I believe this group’s trip will end much like a soft cottonwood seed, carried for a mile or more and will plant itself carefully into the ground, where it will grow a new, healthy, young, cottonwood tree that will eventually be large enough to disperse its own seeds that will carry on and blow in the wind. I have seen cottonwood trees exist in many different regions and adapt to the weather patterns that exist there. So long as they receive the right amount of both sunlight and rain, they flourish and spread their branches far and wide, some growing faster than others and some larger, but they all exist together.
I hope this experience helps me to grow large and branch out wide, reaching for every little drop of rain I can take in, and help me to grow even more so that I can spread my seeds out to every region I travel through.


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