Lightening Bug of Fire Fly

As I walked along the water’s edge near the end of day
I saw an azalea bush that seemed to light the way
I thought it was a lovely sight, but then as I drew near
The lights I saw were moving, to me that was quite clear

“Well I’ll be danged” said I to myself “they’re really lightning bugs”
I scratched my head and rubbed my chin, then gave my shoulders a shrug
I’ve never seen so many of them gathered in one place
I bent down to get a closer look and a few landed on my face

This really is a pleasant treat to see them flicker so
I felt a little tingle from my head down to my toes
The little creatures seemed to dance and circle ’round and ’round
I found myself slowly sitting, upon the grassy ground

I watched them closely for a while and gently stood upright
I moved so slowly so I wouldn’t, make them take off in flight
I continued on my way, as evening is drawing nigh
“Goodnight to you little lightning bugs, or should I say Lovely Firefly”
By Katie Lazette