In the fog
the lonely
sea vanishes

like rhumb
lines on an
ancient map

its borders
with time


at the edge
of the earth
a light keeper

watches waves
washing songs
of sailors

swept away
on the siren

By Bradley McIlwain

 foggy coast with rough seas crashing onto rocks below the lighthouse

Bradley McIlwain lives in Ontario, Canada where he is inspired by songs in nature, and examining our relationships within it. Bradley graduated from the University of Toronto’s iSchool, where he received his M.I. in Library and Information Science. Bradley is the editor of Buried Horror, a space for fresh voices in horror, speculative fiction, and poetry. His micro-chapbook, Holding On, can be enjoyed online as a free download at the Origami Poems Project. Bradley’s latest collection of poems, Elementals (IOWI, 2015) is now available on Amazon and Indigo.

Photo by Charles Wollertz

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