Loveliness in Bloom

A Rose is but another name for loveliness in bloom
It’s fragrance fills the air as it swirls around the room
No other flower that I know of is given so much grace
For no matter where you see a Rose it’s never out of place

I’ve seen it grace the fancy rooms in Palaces of Kings
Often it shares the pillow that carries Wedding rings
It has caressed the headboard of a little baby’s bed
Could be that it’s placed there to frame a tiny head

No matter where you view a Rose it sets the mind in motion
It’s petals have been used to make a soft and silky lotion
Some people throw it’s petals along a winding lane
Other’s grow some Roses ’round a cottage window pane

I like to see the Roses in a lovely flower bed
In yellow, pink and orange, also the deep red
It’s fragrance can be carried by a gentle blowing breeze
It circles ’round and fills the air it’s fragrance sure to please.
By Katie Lazette