Masterpiece Of Nature

The clouds float in the sky
and the sun shines up above,
The earth awakens to the peace
of summer in times of love.

The birds chirp in the trees
and squirrels scurry about,
Flowers bloom good feelings
among the plants that sprout.

Colors decorate the earth
and trees grow tall and green,
Nature dabs her paintbrush
and paints a pretty scene.

The insects fly in bushes
and bees swarm in their hive,
Creatures big and small
do all they can to survive.

A breeze becomes a whisper
in the forest where it spread,
The secrets hidden in the earth
are as the rainbow overhead.

Rain falls softly in the meadow
and serene is every drop,
The tall grass forms a shelter
where wild rabbits like to hop.

The earth goes with the flow
and beautiful is the land,
The masterpiece created
is painted by the master’s hand.

© Shelley W. Williams -2015

Clouds drift over green hills

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