Midnight Journey

Lightning bugs
Filled the sky
Like paper lanterns
Guiding us on our
Journey to a field
Of moonlit flowers.

Attracted to the flowers
Like ants on
Fallen crumbs,
The lightning bugs
Never stopped dancing,
Floating carelessly
Around from petal
To petal.

Lighting every few seconds,
We played chase
With our eyes to see
Where they’d fly to next.

They didn’t seem to
Mind our company
As they playfully
Circled us
As if we, too, were
Nature’s flowers
By the light
Of the moon.

By Gillian McRitchie

woman in night forest with full moon reaching to fireflies

Gillian McRitchie especially enjoys hikes that ultimately lead to waterfalls. “I am able to let my mind wander while being able to let go of any stresses that I might be carrying with me. Lately, I’ve taken a liking to kayaking. I feel like I can truly be myself when I am around water, whether it be a waterfall or a river.”

Photo by Kirill Ryzhov

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