Mother Sun and Mistress Moon

On Fiery Spirit’s Isle
Your ascent
Breaks dawn

Drowsy creatures appear
They are eager
To catch your light

While I watch you rise
You warm them
You warm me

You give us life
Mother Sun
Our Golden Empress

Till the end of time
When you grow tired
You change, to set slowly

In scarlet splendour
Sadness lingers
I miss your light and warmth

Yet, I love darkness too
Twilight…. a different time
Under the night bird’s spell

Mother Earth stifles a yawn
Dream demons whisk her off
To the sleeping Sun

She shudders gently
But above her
I can see you

Mistress Moon
I know very well
How you like to tease

Behind dark clouds
You often play
Hide-and-seek with us

Mystery lady
Silvery and beautiful
Empress of the night

So fiercely protective of
A dreaming world
But always tender

In the darkness
You will watch us
Until Mother Sun is awake
By Stardust Raven