Mountain Lake at Sundown

Water laps against a rock-strewn sandbar
in an alcove of ponderosa pines.
While a great blue heron gathers sky in its wings
to a treetop landing, fendler rose bushes
grow near lichen-etched boulders
and downed tree snags,
and clouds the color of wild rose and fire
are stalled on an eastern horizon.
Even they seem to pause and reflect
as this day passes on to the next.

By Cynthia Sidrane

sunset clouds reflected in mountain lake

As a desert and mountain dweller and avid hiker, Cynthia Sidrane’s poetry and photography are reflections of the wild, remote and rugged beauty of Arizona deserts, and the Sky Island mountain ranges that rise like miracles from them. Her poems have been published online and in print, including two short-form poetry anthologies: “Pay Attention, A River of Stones,” and “A Blackbird Sings.”

Photo by the author

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