My Awakening

by Jim Adams

Man walks alone on the beachFrom the pristine sights of the Alaskan glaciers to the tranquil shores of Baja California, my journey has filled me with a keenness and perception that I have been missing for a long, long time. How amazing and rejuvenating it is when my senses are flooded with sights, smells, sounds, taste and feelings, all of which awaken my consciousness with such vigor and power I struggle to comprehend the reality of each.

Can it be that day-to-day life and its perceived splendor is actually nothing more than intoxicating misrepresentations of what is real or what truly matters? Is it possible that my senses, being perfectly designed to provide connections between my inner soul and the brilliance of the world around me, have been thoroughly disrupted with false and misleading stimuli, so much so that I can no longer hear my inner voice? Dare I say that I have been caught up in the transgression of moving from a state of wellness and personal spirituality to a state of chaos and deception hidden within the rewards of false pleasure?

Nature, in all its grandeur and mystique, contains the secrets and majesty for healing me. Sunlight illuminating through the crisp morning air; the sharp scent of salt blowing off the sea; the sound of birds awakening the day; the essence of cool spring water; the warmth of the radiating sun; these are the remedies which invigorate me and strengthen my soul.

For too long I have ignored the signs around me. For too long I have disregarded the voice within me. For too long I overlooked the wonders of the natural world that surrounds me. For too long I have slipped from the hand of God.

Now, in the spirit of rejuvenation, I proclaim my freedom — my freedom from false pretenses and short-lived pleasures. Awareness and self-reflection will cleanse my senses. The vigor and power contained within my awakened soul will re-nourish and strengthen me, allowing me to rediscover the wonders both in the natural world as well as those contained within me and spoken by my inner voice.

Today, I have been reborn. My senses have been reunited with nature’s connections. I now have a presence of mind and clear awareness of what is real and what is false. The harmonious balance so needed to ensure inner peace is within my reach. I will not stray.

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