Nature’s Therapy

Honeysuckle on the vine
A hummingbird’s sweets
A ladybug escapes a dragonfly
And a bumble bee retreats

Peonies dance near the garden gate
In a breeze, their blooms do sway
Children play, imaginations soar
A wooden swing, wiles the day

There was a man who I once knew
And always he did say
That when life gets you down
Don’t sit around, head outside to play

Nature delights in Her changing hues
And offers you reprieve
To take the time and simply be
Encouraging you to believe

To drink from her nectar and waters
And leave all cares right there
At the threshold of her garden
In Her playground, ever so fair

Just as summer heat will retreat
To autumn brown and rust
So too will all our worries
In changing seasons do trust

So when you wonder why
Challenges you do face
Remember, things happen for reasons
Look at Nature’s pace

Ever changing, flowing, growing
Like the natural world, do we
Nothing remains unchanged
In stillness, only do we see

Next time, faced with strife and worry
Indoors do not sit and idle
Find yourself a space open wide
And marvel in Her cradle

Whether it be a garden like me
A mountain stream or glen
A sandy beach, a boat on a lake
Set out, listen and then…

Take time to hear the hum
Heard by only a trained ear
And listen to Her whispers tell
Things are not as bad as they appear
By Lynne Guay

–M.M. Lynne Guay (c) 2012