Nature’s Wonder

As I look upon this Forest from a view so high
I think of all the beauty right before my eyes
I see some trees without leaves, some are mighty bare
But then I see the wealth of gold in leaves with a flair

In between the many trees are some with greenery
And there is a carpet of pine needles you can see
I know the little deer and other animals too
Are searching for their food, but watching me and you

I don’t see any signs of snow, but winter is on the way
Maybe tomorrow the scene will change, for it’s another day
But for now I’ll enjoy the beauty that is everywhere
With green and gold and colors that are very rare

Why not take an hour or two and just enjoy the scene
You may see a view that is so very serene
Just relax and enjoy the wild flowers around the trees
For this is Autumn with colorful gold and it’s sure to please.