Night and Dawn Converge

The sun kisses the brow
Of this fading night
The restless wind yawns
At the tired moon

Sky puts away
Her diamonds bright
She will wear them
Again very soon

Light ascends
Over the sepia hills
The sage creature that depends
On night-nature stills…

I hear the quiet whisper
Of the wakening breeze
Through natural flutes
Of the flowing reeds

They call on the audience to dance
Rousing me and the herons too
And with a mesmerizing and elegant stance
They wade in the water blue

Suddenly, this beach takes flight
And divine beginnings urge
The iridescent morning light
And night and dawn converge
By Lynne Guay

M.M. Lynne Guay &copy 2012-04-24
Skaha Beach, OK Falls,
British Columbia, Canada