Nor’easter, Halloween Eve 2011

It was a soul-less
body of white with
beating wings
travelers’ nightmare
sightings noting it’s
northward path unnerved us
tormenting maelstrom by mid night
listening at the door
peering past the curtains
we went to bed uneasy.
At three I woke
to an unelectrified dark
fumbled for the flashlight
and her leash
forced Cilka out
into the now unfamiliar
hunched and huddled landscape.
We quivered in the unnatural air
our spines stiffened
conjured phantoms
crackled in the distance
the cold wet shock
a snarl snaking
through the skeletal trees
convinced us not to linger
but to make a hurried retreat
escaping the gale
and the ghostly snowstorm.
By Joyce Joslin Lorenson

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