Origin of All Good Things

Nature is better, it’s better than,
It’s got the beauty, it’s better,
It’s better than man-made any day.

I walk in the woods to get my kicks,
take my walking stick, I never pick
flowers that bloom, I let them grow,
I love living things, that’s all I know.

On top of the hill, I can see for miles,
hear the wind singing in windy style.
I hold my arms straight up to the sky,
see some birds have come out for a fly.

The air is pure, I breathe in deep,
I pray Mother Earth, my soul to keep.
I Pray Father sun to wake us all up,
damage done, done is more than enough.

Nature is better than any elixir,
It heals your mind, it’s a natural fixer.
Loving it is the best thing you can do.
Give it a try, see don’t it work for you.

It’s better, it’s better than
man-made any day.
By Brenda Thomas