Our Father

Our father
who art in the garden
John William be thy name.
Now springtime comes
thy weeding needs done
on earth
as this is our heaven.
Give us this May
a dahlia bed
and grow us a cress patch
as we forgive birds
that pull up the onion sets.
Sow seed in pots for germination
and deliver us from weevils.
For fine is the springtime
the showers
and the morning glory
for ever and ever,

By Mandy Haggith

Mandy Haggith is a writer and environmental activist based in Scotland. Most of her poetry has nature as its theme, and as poet in residence in the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens, she celebrates the close relationship between writing and trees in the Gaelic tradition. This poem is for her father, who’s not a religious man, but who does love his garden.

Click here to visit Mandy’s website, her novels, and her book of poems.


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