Table of Contents

Haiku by Beth Weber
The Nature of Nature by Richard Yost

Cooking the Brook Trout by Mike Delp

by Mary Mageau
Peregian by Mary Mageau

Ancient Beauty by Sara Alfieri

Inspiration by Bahiya Carter
Day's End by Bahiya Carter
Two Alone
by Bahiya Carter

The Wheat
by Mohammed R. Monifi
Sitting On the Hill by Mohammed R. Monifi

Sea by Pamela Hill
Cloud of Days by Pamela Hill
Rainbows in the Dark by Pamela Hill
Wild Dreams by Pamela Hill

The Tree by Duane Huddleston
Within the Wood by Duane Huddleston

Mother Sun and Mistress Moon by stardustraven
Pirates of the Air by stardustraven
Echo's Echoes by stardustraven

Five Haiku by Marion L. Ritcey
Day Unfolds by Marion L. Ritcey

Birth of Mirth by
Kshitij Bansal
Rage in Me Overwhelms by Kshitij Bansal

Tree by Carol Alena Aronoff, Ph.D.
Rain Dance by Carol Alena Aronoff, Ph.D.
Moonrise by Carol Alena Aronoff, Ph.D.
Desert Blues by Carol Alena Aronoff, Ph.D.
Lost by Carol Alena Aronoff, Ph.D.

Seasonally Home by Jason Sturner

Little Fawn by Jason Sturner
Imagining Change in Form
to Establish Roots in Meaning by Jason Sturner

Pinecones by Wilda Morris
On Janes Avenue by Wilda Morris
Wild Turkey by Wilda Morris
Insomnia by Wilda Morris

Dawn by Morgan Dysinger

Riverside by Karen Bressner
I watch the apparent freedom of birds by Karen Bressner
Shy Guy by Karen Bressner
December Sunday Walk
by Karen Bressner
by Karen Bressner
by Karen Bressner
Haiku Collection
by Karen Bressner
The Ibis
by Karen Bressner
Six Short Poems
by Karen Bressner

Canada and Beyond by Richard F. Fleck
Clammers in the Mist by Richard F. Fleck

Deep in a Maine Fog  by Richard F. Fleck
The Warbler of Verrazano
by Richard F. Fleck
Jordan Pond Revisited
by Richard F. Fleck
Bridge Span to Maine
by Richard F. Fleck
The Irish Burren
by Richard F. Fleck
Taking Tea at Arzler Alm
by Richard F. Fleck
In a Green Glen of Antrim
by Richard F. Fleck
Cypress Poems
by Richard F. Fleck
An Alarming Moon by Richard F. Fleck
by Richard F. Fleck
The Nighttime by Jessica Rosenthal The Four Seasons by Kathy Handyside
The Deer and I by Kathy Handyside
Black Oystercatcher by Heather O'Connor
California Towhee
by Heather O'Connor
House Finch
by Heather O'Connor
by Heather O'Connor
Brewer's Blackbird
by Heather O'Connor
Finches in Autumn
by Heather O'Connor
Snowy Egret
by Heather O'Connor

The Forest Mingled with Stars
by Katie Lazette
The Original Meteorologist 
by Katie Lazette
Rainbows and More
by Katie Lazette
Nature's Wonder
  by Katie Lazette
  by Katie Lazette
Lightning Bug or Firefly
  by Katie Lazette
Beauty of Is Own
Of Valleys Green  by Katie Lazette
A Gift so Rare
  by Katie Lazette
God's Beautiful Earth
  by Katie Lazette
A Lovely Tree
  by Katie Lazette
God's Canvas
  by Katie Lazette
Dance Little Rain Drops
  by Katie Lazette
Loveliness in Bloom
by Katie Lazette
Sunset and Twilight 
by Katie Lazette

A Walk Along the Rails 
by James Betts
The Weeping of the Hawk 
by James Betts
A Lonely Cottage 
by James Betts

Accept the Rain
  by Catherine Gruber
by Catherine Gruber

The Prairie Dream
  by Katie Mills
A Small Piece of Heaven  by Katie Mills
Cottonwood Tree  by Katie Mills

Tiger Count 2005 Siriska, Rajasthan by Dr. Uma Asopa
Escape  by Dr. Uma Asopa
Green Hermits  by Dr. Uma Asopa
Watery Reflections  by Dr. Uma Asopa
Talking to Rains  by Dr. Uma Asopa
Blabbermouths  by Dr. Uma Asopa
Four Brown Dogs  by Dr. Uma Asopa
The Moss  by Dr. Uma Asopa
Peacock Dance  by Dr. Uma Asopa
Sorrow less Ashoka  by Dr. Uma Asopa
Migratory Birds  by Dr. Uma Asopa
Earthy Impressions  by Dr. Uma Asopa
Reflective Mood  by Dr. Uma Asopa

The Black Wolf and
Sunset  by Chandana Banerjee

The Curling Tree  by John Hall
Between the Silence  by John Hall
I've Seen Rivers  by John Hall
Dream Dancing  by John Hall
Eyes of Innocence  by John Hall
Staccato Waltz  by John Hall
I Shall Stand Upon the Mountain by John Hall

Thoughts  by Linda Johnson
Reaching Out  by Linda Johnson

Clouds  by Arielle De Jesus
Mother Nature  by Arielle De Jesus
The Sunset 
by Arielle De Jesus

by Seth Bell
Winter is Here 
by Seth Bell
The Forest Beautiful 
by Seth Bell

Old Man Winter
  by Aaron Karmin

Bubble Dancers by Duane Huddleston  

Evolution? by Frances Mackay
Road Cleaners
by Frances Mackay 
Phoenix of the Forest
by Frances Mackay 
Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall... by Frances Mackay
A Visitor by Frances Mackay 
Broglas by Frances Mackay 
A Winter Morning Sequence
by Frances Mackay 
High Noon
by Frances Mackay 
The Killing
by Frances Mackay 
Observations by Frances Mackay 
A Hawk's Passing  by Frances Mackay 

Natural Moments by Marcie Swartz

The Waterfall  by Christie Elaine Estes
I Love to Run Behind a Butterfly  by Christie Elaine Estes
I Love to Run Out in the Rain   by Christie Elaine Estes  
As I Stand Here  by Christie Elaine Estes

Night Play   by D. Harrison  
Winter Morn  
by D. Harrison 
Morning Duties  by D. Harrison

Fields  by Michael Wee

Poem   by Jameson Anderson

Manzanita by Ron Harton
Deer Tracks 
by Ron Harton
On Entering the Forest  by Ron Harton
Translation by Ron Harton