The Maui Dolphin, or Popoto,
Is the world’s smallest and rarest dolphin you know!
With a population as low as only Fifty alive,
We have to act now, to help them survive.

Grey, white and black, with short stumpy snout,
Round New Zealand’s North Island, you’ll see them about,
With echo location to help find their food,
For catching squid or some cod, they have to be shrewd.

Seven long years till sexually mature,
This aids their demise, of this we are sure,
Gillnets and trawling, hunting for fish,
Ensnaring the dolphins with their favourite dish.

Only a small part of their home we humans protect,
So many of their deaths, we just can’t detect,
A unique little dolphin, with its soft rounded fin,
To ensure the species, it’s now we begin.

When conservation is uttered, the world turns its back,
Just another rant from a tree hugging hack,
Every movement through time has begun with just one,
So we must save the wee fella, before he’s long gone.
By Paul Gilhooley

© Cinco Espiritus Creations 2013 (Paul Gilhooley)

For More Information on the Maui Dolphins Click Here for Hector’s and Maui’s Dolphin SOS where this poem first appeared