Each Palo Verde is a miracle. It would be wonderful to know the complete life story of even one on the ridge, to know what coincidences, accidents, and bits of good fortune kept the bruchids, wood rats, and jack rabbits away. How long did the tree take to grow to its present dimensions? What droughts […]

Stepping Westward

I feel the land with my eyes, with my sense of balance, with all the details of how a breeze picks up perfumes off a hillside, the way a cloud is caught on the needles of a pine tree and is torn into mist, how wheat is grown in crescents along the slope of an […]

The Prairie-Ocean

The great ocean does not present more infinite variety than does this prairie-ocean of which we speak. In winter, a dazzling surface of purest snow; in early summer, a vast expanse of grass and pale pink roses; in autumn too often a wild sea of raging fire. No ocean of water in the world can […]

Quito Baquito

Again and again we returned to Quito Baquito. We saw it at night, at dawn, at midday. We wandered along remnants of little irrigation ditches dug by Papago Indians. We came across fig and pomegranate trees run wild. And when we left in darkness, all around, beyond the confines of the oasis, the high columns […]