Reedgrass Pool

A wind has come up, alive and rustling in the reed canary grass. It soughs in the pines on the knoll above the Reedgrass Pool. The evening wind is their common voice, but the pines and grasses have distinctive tongues. I look up at the pines’ black silhouettes and see that these trees hold hands […]

Wind in The Rock

I sit, taking notes as long as I can see, and then go up to the saddle. The wind is fierce cross the twenty-foot gap, this hiatus in the rock, but somehow it’s the right wind. Up here it is fitting that there is wind, keeping open the slot in the wall, charging through, honing […]

Snowy Morning

The next morning I sat in the sunlight in front of the cabin and listened to the merry song of the chickadees, even though it was all of thirty below zero. I watched a red squirrel climb a jackpine to look for cones and then run around over the snow to find some it had […]

Why We Write

We write in order to share, for one thing—to share ideas, discoveries, emotions. Alone, we are close to nothing. In prolonged solitude, as I’ve discovered, we come very close to nothingness. Too close for comfort. Through the art of language, most inevitable of the arts—for what is more inevitable than language?—we communicate to others what […]