by Janelle Sciarrino

Something that I have experienced over time is the rain. I love the rain it has a soothing and exhilarating feeling, all at the same time. The rain refreshes and renews everything. There is nothing like going for a walk right after a rainstorm and looking at everything in clear view.

Young girl playing in the rainI can remember as a little kid playing in the rain, puddle jumping and loving every minute of it. Sometimes the puddles would be cold and others, if it was a nice day out, would be warm. There’s a quote that says, “Those who say happiness is in sunshine, have never danced in the rain.” I believe this quote is true; many people never see the beauty in a rainy day. When you go out right after a rain storm and can still hear the dripping of the water and the birds are all out and chirping. You can see grass floating in mini streams that are heading towards. Looking at flowers with little drops of rain still on them, they create the perfect picture. Sometimes when you look at a picture it seems so surreal, like it was planned. When you finally see it for real in your life, you notice that picture perfect does exist and within the moment that one realizes the depth that nature contains.

When I was at my stepmother’s cottage near the north part of Vermont and it began to pour, the odd thing was that it was still bright out so you could see a rainbow anyway you looked. It was like that the rainbow just went on for miles. The rain was so warm; it felt just like a shower you’d take on a cold day. My father and I sat on the porch all afternoon until the rain stopped. The smell was so interesting. It was a really sweet smell I have no idea where it came from, but it’s one of those smells that if I smelled it again I would remember it from my time spent at the cottage. Right after a rain storm up at the cottage we would always look for frogs. I remember finding so many frogs they were all very small with spots and they were usually a dark brown or a dark green color. They were everywhere, on the front lawn, in the driveway, even on the bumper of the car. It seamed that the rain was a sort of pied piper for the frogs to come out and play in the puddles like my brother and I were doing.

My favorite way to watch rain is trough a window. Many people think that watching rain running down window panes is a sad picture or and upsetting one. I love watching out windows while it is raining things become so distorted; its like a Picasso painting. Picasso’s paintings have always been really interesting to me because they remind me of drawing as a little kid. It’s never within the lines and it’s just there, and even though you aren’t able to tell what it is, the child can. Usually their description comes with the whole entire story before the drawing occurred. Looking out a window on a rainy day makes me feel like I don’t have to grow up; I can always color outside of the lines.

Thunderstorms are another aspect of rain that I love, especially the ones that occur late at night when the sky sometimes turns a very light color and makes it seem like it is not night anymore. Thunderstorms are one of those natural phenomena that can scare you to death and be extremely beautiful all at the same time. You are scared that there is this natural occurrence that is potentially dangerous and that it can be so amazing and be so thrilling. It’s such an exhilarating feeling, the feeling of being scared and in the total awe of the strength and beauty contained in a little rain and some static within the clouds. The recent “thunder snow” created the most amazing blue lightning I have ever seen. It lit up the whole sky every time it went off. You never heard any thunder, which may be because we really weren’t listening for it because driving in it wasn’t very safe. But you could tell, even if you didn’t want to, when the lightning went off.

Rain has always intrigued me. I love to just sit in the rain and many people don’t understand why I enjoy it so much, and I don’t think I could even explain it fully to anyone and have them understand it. The rain, I feel, holds many memories in which only I would be able to fully understand.